Multiple Electrical Stimulation

An electrical stimulation device is used for acute and chronic pain conditions, and your doctor can determine the best use of the device for you. If you have suffered an injury that led to the weakness of the movement of one of your limbs and severe pain when trying to move it, you can benefit from this device, and your physical therapist can also make it part of your treatment program.

The electrical impulses sent by the device distract the pain signals sent by the nerves in the painful areas. When the device is working, it will draw the brain’s attention to it and its electrical signals, rather than the pain signals sent by the painful areas of the body, and it will prioritize attention to the signals coming from the device over the pain signals.

The philosophy of the device is based on another theory as well, which is that the light tingling caused by the device increases the strength of the body’s resistance to pain, which increases the secretion of endorphins in the body, and this of course helps reduce the patient’s sense of pain.

There are many types of electrical stimulation, the use of which varies according to the diagnosis and treatment goal. There are programs to treat pain, others to treat inflammation, stimulate nerves, improve blood circulation, or to treat swelling.